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Terms of Service

Limitation of Liabilities & Disclaimer of Warranties

Gorman Performance Engineering LLC ("The Company") cannot not be held liable if our products are installed or used in a way that violates any regulations or laws. The Company makes no guarantee that our products will meet any federal, state, or other jurisdictional safety standards. Any customer who purchases, installs, or uses our products assume full liability for any issues arising from improper, negligent, reckless, or dangerous installation or use that differs from the Company's instructions. The Company cannot be held liable by any customer or any third party for damage, injury, or death caused by misuse or abuse of the product. Our products are not endorsed or affiliated with the manufacturer of your vehicle. Installing our products may void all or part of your vehicle manufacturer's warranty. You take full responsibility for any effect installation has on the vehicle warranty. The Company accepts no liability regarding warranty limitations or cancellations. No warranties beyond those stated here are provided, and all implied warranties are disclaimed. The Company has no control over use or misuse of our products after sale. The Company makes no representations or warranties about performance or safety after installation. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages related to the product. The Company's maximum liability is limited to refund of the product purchase price. By installing the product, you release the Company from any other liability, except for refund of purchase price in the event a court finds the product was defective.

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